Saturday, May 23, 2009

生死一如 May God save his soul... late former predisent Roh Moo-Hyun in South Korea, Toronto May 23, 24 2009

We will Remember You..

** Biking grandfather for his grand-kids in his home town couple of months ago...

I've been feeling really sorry and bad bad..bad....over the tragic news of suicide of former president in Korea yesterday. He just left the last message to his fatherland by taking the extreme action.. at the age of 63..

I voted him 6 years ago for his presidency. I was admired by his clean image and challenging spirit at that time. He became a lawyer by passing qualification exam without any university courses and got into parliament as a congressman and finally came to presidency without any supporting infrastructure of political arena. So his election was kind of great victory of grass root people. And all along his incumbency, cleanness was his motto for his leadership. But right after he got back to his hometown as a layman, bribery case against him was exploited by government authorities and they found all of his family members had been related to the corruption scandal though the amount of money is not quite as big as far as all-mighty presidential power is concerned in Korea. And the fact incurred him a fatal damage on his ideological idea and dignity...

He was a warrier against geographical bias, against who have too much, against right-wing ideology, and against whatever it's too much. His ideological slogan when he got back home was 'for the world where people live'. As much as he was too pure & radical in leading the country against never-changing socio-political practices, he & his staff made lots of mistakes naturally. But admitting the fact, he was still proud of what he've done as a predisent believing that he was still morally immacurate.
I have no intention to advocate him at all for his improper handling of his staffs, sponsors and his family around the scandal but the mean nature of yellow journalism of conservative media and retaliatory actions of incumbent party were far too much. It's just as mean & cruel as witch hunting. And the systemic inadequacy around presidential power has been making the chronicle corruption things happen again and again for last half a century in my country.

.. In his suicide note, he was saying that '.. Don't be too sad.. Life and death are all parts of nature(生死一如). Don’t blame anyone. Accept it as fate.. '.
May 24.
Now I believe his innocence only after his suicide. He chose the most fatal way of committing suicide by jumping down to more than 100 feet high rock cliff totally breaking his skull and back to immediate death.. Only now I believe the fact that he never knew about the dirty money delivered to his family members in advance. What a shame on me.. Only now I know that this kind of distrust over his dignity made him to take the irrevocable action...

I feel really bad....bad.. devastated....... and really sorry...sorry......

Please.. God save his soul.. please..

리쌍의 진혼곡(LeeSsang's Requiem): Champion

임지훈: 회상(Reflection)

Mzt Requiem: Kyrie

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