Monday, May 11, 2009

Bike Riding along the River Side, Don River Bayview Toronto May 10 2009

As I step down from the bridge to the spot for river trail, I am entering into my own world of Alice the Wonderland. All the conventional or habitual ways of thinking under control of my educated or empirical logic are being liberated and it allows me to take different, at least fair, attitude to the surroundings as a part of them not as a challenger or a consumer.


  1. Peter, your spring is so fresh and lovely, mine too dark, again :-)
    (i've just posted blossoming trees as well, what a coincidence :-)

    and it is always good to have some wonderland there within our grasp, to break free!!! of everything! :-)

  2. Roxana, your soul is far outreaching the darkness.. greeting morning glory. :-) Everything is flourishing over your mindset as lotus does out of the muddy opaque pond of no flow..
    yes.. roxana.. what a luck to have the land in my front yard!!

    Hi 燕, yes those were more beautiful under the spring sunlight.

  3. I am in Washington now, please mobilephone call me.

  4. in your front yard! you must be kidding me!
    and you overwhelm me with so many compliments, as always :-)

    (i haven't posted your last comment, sorry, because i don't want that everybody who reads my blog knows about my travelling, ah the mystery, yes, i am a real mystery lady :-)

  5. Yes, my mystery lady!! You've never ever been travelling out of your town!! :p

    Of course, the front or back yards of such beauty is not my legal property, but what's the use of legal ownership if the owner never appreciate or does not have enough time to appreciate? In that sense, all the mother nature of whole Canada is MINE!! I bet you agree, don't you, mr. :p :p