Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Forever 'Star Trek' !! , AMC Cinema Yonge-Dundas May 13 2009

It's kind of 'back to the future' to see this old but great TV series resurrected on screen with all the ultra fine graphic animations.
The most impressive scene was on Mr. Spock who joined again Star Trek on the wide screen .. He looked much much older than I expected.. His image of extreme intelligence without any emotional disturbance has gone.. I was reading instead mildness, calmness and good modesty on his face..

How much did I admired by his long Sharp ears of the Vulcan tribe. How much did I amazed by the wrapping of space of the crews from the ship to somewhere in the anonymous planet though it was done by crude special effects. And how much did I become comfortable for the plausible world of living peacefully together with the weird-looking extra-terrestrial people with green blood...

Like other outcomes of human brain works of poems, plays and music etc, the SF series were weekly gateways to the other part of paradigm, a good escape from the suffocating reality and a buzzing catalyst to boiling the pot of imagination to expand far beyond of my own.. More on top of those, Star Trek gave me lots more specific episodes in which made me more accustomed to approaching challenging things with more logical ways of thingking under scientific projection.

The movie was just good enough to triggering me the nostalgic fractions of memories of those pure age of my youth of full of curiosity and full of expectation for the bright future...

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