Wednesday, May 6, 2009

散步 Adrift in Tokyo, AMC Cinema Yonge-Dundas Toronto May 6

Though I visited Tokyo more than 5 times, I never tried to take a walk around the residential areas or small parks since the visits were mainly for business. Having seen the movie today, I felt like I've rediscovered the city of Tokyo and I surprised at the similarities of the city with my city in Korea, Seoul. The scenery of back streets, roofing of houses, small small parks, metro rails, small bars, golden ginkgo maple trees, etc.. However, at the same time, I found the real difference of the people living the very similar looking two gigantic cities.

The director followed road movie style but chose walking with sneakers instead driving a fancy car fast & furious, and exploited ordinary back streets in the city than inter-state highways or barren country roads. The movie talks about restoration and restart of life through re-evaluating and rebuilding the relationships among the people. It was just good and comfortable to see..


  1. i can't look at it now because i am in the office, but will do it at home, i am quite nostalgic about japan - so thanks a lot for posting it :-)

  2. roxana, buenos dias! I started learning Spanish again though it's just reading a language tutorial on my way work in subway. :-)

    Yes, I know you have good memory in the country. The youtube video is just a trailer for less than 2 minutes so Hopefully you have the cinema on screen in Craiova soon.

    You have a beautiful day, mr!

  3. mr, are you in Germany now? I love to stay in the cities in Germany specifically lingering around the big plaza in front of city hall.
    Rotenberg was a really nice old place.. as you might know.

    Please take care and have a safe trip back home~~