Thursday, May 14, 2009

More craft works, Contemporary Craftshop Harbourfront Center Toronto May13 2009


  1. thank you!!!!

    i like the way you show me/us around in Toronto like this, i can see all the lovely galleries and museums and festivals thanks to you...

    i hear there is a photography festival in May, have you been there?

  2. yes, 'Contact'. I will participate next year. The festival runs in nearly every galleries, small or big, as well as convention centers. Photographers need to arrange place for exhibition by themselves.

    I would send you a program book later if you like. :-)

  3. much better you send me an invitation to participate together with a sponsorship sheet covering my travel expenses hahaha

    now seriously, congratulations! :-)

    and: what kind of shop do you have?

  4. what a lovely idea!! Let's try to have a joint exhibition next year for 'Contact'. Anything is possible if you really wish, roxana. :-)

    I have a humble convenient store in downtown. And it's a kind of easy and comfortable gate to Canada for newly immigrated people as long as one could luckily take over the shop in right place with decent sales volume with good customers. We were lucky in that sense.. :-)
    And I would try government job in here for IT areas as they need more people for renovating their process & infrastructure though it means that I need to dive into the one of the most stressful job again... :p

    Anyway I love my own job now with almost no stress and experiencing people and making friends. Especially I don't need to consume my brain too much.