Thursday, May 21, 2009

都市悲感 City Life of just Passing chance of say Hi... King-Queen-Dundas along the Bloor Street Downtown Toronto May 20 2009

People were just walking toward me with decent speed and away from me much faster as I felt.. The more people we have in town, the more anonymity we can enjoy or SUFFER whatever you prefer.. The cost we need to pay for the convenience and anonymity living in the city is sometimes bitter though not really serious. In many cases, more convenience is accompanied by more detachment from people, less chance of interaction among people.

Sometimes I need somebody to talk or laugh without maintaining any tension or tiresome attention over topic, but it's nearly impossible to find right buddy though I've been living in the city theoretically long enough time to make friends. In most case, I talk to my self, laugh inside of my heart without changing any facial muscles.. or.. start searching for good bar for beer which should be fresh enough to oppress the need of human partner..

Anyway.. sunny breeze day of yesterday was kind of perfect day of walking slowly toward twilight. More than a couple of Italian draught beers let me fully charged with pseudo-energy to look around more of the surroundings in detail while sniffing the city air deep in my breath.


  1. everybody has this need "to talk or laugh without maintaining any tension or tiresome attention over topic" - i don't know what i would do without my friends...

    and yes, i don't like big cities, i don't know if i could get used to such a life...

  2. Roxana, you deserve to have such good friends.

    So, you should be proud of living in your beautiul country still not much contaminated by all those garbage technologies and dirty capitalism.. :-)

  3. but the 'virtual' friends are equally important, aren't they, Peter? :-)
    it feels good to be able to chat like this, across distances, and share so many thoughts and emotions...