Monday, May 25, 2009

自殺共和國 Suicide Republic of Korea: the Unhappiest Country in the World

What a really touching picture I found in the Globe and Mail this morning... Out of the context of the tradegy, it's a photography of excellence...

어느 산골 소년의 사랑 이야기..

I utterly have no word to say on this statistics...
Now even a former president wasn't free from the symptom of urging people to kill themselves..
Alas.. and shameful...

Ridiculous educational system makes kids to start searching suicide partners. Jobless graduates kill themselves out of no hope. Devastated movie stars hung their necks over the malicious cyber-attacks based on false rumor. Innocent farmers have no choice but to drink pesticide over the free-trade of grains and meats on a global basis...

But only group of politicians have been immune to the symptom except the former president. No matter how much money they had been bribed, no matter how many people they had killed to get the power, no matter how much pain people in the country have been suffering from their stupid initiatives & dirty struggles among themselves.. they just don't matter.. and they never die...

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  1. oh Peter, i've had no idea of this... that South Korea has such high suicide rates, how come? and i am so sorry about the president, i understand that this has had a strong impact on you... i wish i could say something meaningful, but what can one say in such situations?

    (i am sorry for the long absence, you know why)

  2. Hi Roxana, welcome back home safe and hopefully recharged!

    Korea was one of the fastest growing country in the world economically but not necessarily politically, morally, philosophically, democratically, etc etc etc... And overall social stress is really high and getting worse for nearly every level of people in the country except those who have power or money. As a result, happiness index is almost lowest in the world.

    Maybe Koreans,including myself, are too much greedy for everything, we have been hungry for getting more education(actually academic title than true learning), more money, more wielding power in company or in country or even at home.. If these go well synergically, then it's a real power, but if not, it's a disaster. Recently, it has been going exactly opposite way than what we want to be headed.. And now we even lost our leader.. Funny thing is that we have a predident to rule out with the incumbent power but absolutely no leader we like to follow with respect.. Tragedy!!