Sunday, May 10, 2009

Praise for Dandelions which will never be perished, Wolfrey Broadview Toronto May 7 2009

Such a marvelous transformation of black soil to yellow glory.. The foliage stands low firmly on earth in every circular directions and the stalk stands high to allure bees and butterflies for proliferation. Unless totally being eradicated, it never die or fade away. It keeps blossoming and blossoming. Other than the fact that we can find the dandelions too much easily in any garden or wherever grassy fields, the shape & color of the flower are really awesome and no less beautiful than any other luxury flowers in boutique as we look into the details of the petals.

An ant which appreciates the value of yellow aesthetics is already diligent in collecting some sweet 'au de vie' and powder for his tribe..


  1. beautiful yellow, Peter... yes, indeed... but i love them when they get white and fluffy as well :-)

  2. yes, when sudden bleeze puffs the fluffies, the journey of a silveric little seed gets started..
    Roxana, you're going to scan all the cities of germany, arn't you!! Please take care of ourself.. :-)