Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Standing in the middle of Broadway- Peter's two Kids: 자현 과 정훈 Lucrece & Ryan, Broadway New York USA Jun 28 2009

My biological reprints.. thanks for being good so far. Just keep it up kids. :-)


  1. wow! i am glad to be able to see your kids, they are so cute - and the boy as cute as the girl :-) so, which one of them is resembling you more?

  2. thanks roxana. they are becoming already independent.. sadly enough..
    Lucrece, my daughter, is good at playing piano and flute. Recently she plays Debussy, Faure or some Mozart. she is good at math, 99%.

    My son, Ryan has no interest but carnivorous plants. He has his own selection of those wierd plants with some cactus as well. This guy is good at math as well but doesn't like study like his father.

    While my daughter studies really hard for harvard, my son has no idea in studying which resembles his father a lot. :-)

  3. yes, girls are always better at studying, aren't they? and much more serious as well :-)

    carnivorous plants???!!! do you have some pics? i would really like to see...

  4. yes they do. so they become more competent in leading the society.

    you will see.. :-)