Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good neighbors for my Corner Garden, Wolfrey Broadview Toronto Jun 2 2009

My neighbors in Wolfrey avenue just made the garden in my corner place today. It's a voluntary program among the people living in the avenue to make garden for greener living environment. Last year I did the gardening myself alone without any perennial except lavenders and tulips. All others were grassy flowers. Today Jim, a real gardener, and other two neighbors brought bunch of perennial plants of ferns, ivy, dragon plant etc, bags of black soil, and even a couple small rocks with all the tools for gardening and did the good job with excellence. What a joy to live with the good neighbors!!!


  1. haha
    ferns and Kit Kat, what a combination...

    hi Peter :-P

  2. myung,
    appreciate!! I called MY and had a good time to talk. He is quite OK as you are! :-)

    Roxana, good morning!! Red & Green, right? I like your haha. :p