Wednesday, June 10, 2009

地球生成年代記 Grand History of Earth, Grand Canyon Arizona USA Oct 1996

Just before I got on board for the role of People Development Manager for HP Consulting Asia-Pacific HQ based in Hong-Kong, I took a week vacation for my family. I took them to Palo Alto & Mountain View for quick tour of my company at that time. And we flew down to LA and rented a van for 2,000 miles of journey for the gorgeous canyons encompassing four states starting from California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and back to California. What I found was the full evidence of great history of earth which was amazing and awesome. Now I am just digitizing some slide films and create couple of posts for share.. :-)


  1. that is your family? and you?


  2. :-) yes, more than 10 years ago. At that time, I had no son. He was born afterward.

    I look much older than now, right!! :p :p

  3. you have got a very lovely family, Peter!

    and yes, i noticed that you look a litel different :-P

  4. thanks roxana.

    yes, i have as many faces as i want to have.. :p