Thursday, June 11, 2009

心振子運動 Peter in a Mind Pendulum mode, Flemingdon Golf Club Don Mills Toronto 7:15am Jun 11 2009

I couldn't take photos of my swing form without carrying a tripod so I just asked John to take some for me this morning. Have fun r... :p


  1. if i say that i don't understand this sport, will you still talk to me? :-P

  2. Of course I love to!!
    mr, playing golf is just competing against oneelf not angainst anybody else. One who has stronger mental contr0l could play better. I play to break my previous best score so called handicap number. Reducing hadicap of myself is the goal of every rounding which means less chance of commiting mistakes, more challenging trial to getting out of the bogged situation, and better maintaining my mental stability.. etc.

    And I love to walk smelling the morning dew and listening to the birds singing.. And I really enjoy the process of socialization with to unkown people to play with as well as playing with my old buddies.. :-)

    Hopefully this do not confuse you more, roxana.. :-)