Sunday, June 14, 2009

하늘엔 榮光, 땅엔 平和 Glory in Heaven, Peace on Earth: Don River Biking on Beautiful Sunday, Don River North of Don Mills Toronto Jun 14 2009

When I reviewed the frame for the shot, a very strong flash of light hit my left eye through the viewfinder. Since it was so strong in conveying high energy of heat stream, it might hurt my eyes if it radiated directly onto my naked eyes.. Anyway it was just a reflection of the sun light from the small piece of the reflector plate attached on the rim of my bike.

Afterward I thought about the piece of light again while selecting the photos for posting, and I thought it might be a kind of message from the heaven.. :p

Hey, Peter, you poor man! It's good for you to appreciate all the living things on earth, and to work hard everyday for your healthy life. However never forget to make yourself low to anybody, don't go too much whatever it is, and keep trying to maintain a balance. Right!!

자전거 바퀴살 반짝이에서 반사된 번쩍이는 섬광에
하늘이 내게 내린 메시지를 생각하게 된다.
세상 만물의 조화에 기꺼워하고 매일 매일 열심히 일하며 사는 건 좋다.
하지만 절대 어떤 사람들에게 건 겸손할 것을 잊으면 안되고
뭐든 지나치지 않도록 하고
항시 균형을 유지하며 살아야 함을 명심하거라. 영건아.
하늘엔 영광이 땅엔 평화가 가득한 일요일 오후였다.


  1. let's see if you guess which picture i like most :-P

    concentrate, Peter, it's a test! :-)

  2. 7th i bet!!
    I passed the test with perfection. and i'm ready for summa cum laude. :p

  3. wow


    i'm impressed :-)

    am i soooo easy to read? :-)

  4. no, never.. i only know your style which i like. you are still full of mystery, my lady. :-)

  5. i'm glad to hear that :-)
    btw, i forget to mention that your words for this post were also lovely!

  6. thanks roxana, your voice makes me feel better, as always.. :-)