Tuesday, June 9, 2009

好好肥酒 Pasta & Beef over Pedavena Draught, Italian Restaurant Bldg 3. Distillery District Toronto Jun 4 2009

My favorite place in Distillery District when I feel thirsty. The Italian draft beer of Pedavena was so cool & fresh under the sun in the patio when I first came to this restaurant. Not too much flavoured, the Italian one was kind of best draft beer for my taste. I love the golden transparent color, soft & rich foam and the live tiny bubbles which are incessantly being created from the bottom of the trendy glass.

This time I tried another Calamari with Pasta but I found that the naming of the dish just confused me. I found 'Calamari del Lomonari..' or something like that on the menu so I thought it's calamari. But I found that it was a couple of sliced beef with pasta. Taste was not bad though I was bit disappointed. :-)

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