Wednesday, June 3, 2009

祝際 I Grew Up on Wolfrey Ave: 1959 - 2009, Sat June 6th, 2009

There will be a community festival this Saturday on Wolfrey Avenue for 50 years anniversary. The avenue will be blocked for the whole day for the dedicated fun with music, dancing, demonstrations, and eating & drinking, of course. Peter was designated as an 'official' photographer for this event by the event originator & planner, Jerry who grew up on the avenue, and a small & casual exhibition of my photos will be held adding a little more fun. After the event, photos will be posted on my blog so that anybody can download at anytime.. :-)

Wolfrey Website:


  1. wow, congratulations, Peter! :-)

    i am so happy for you! are these the pictures that will be shown at the exhibition? the red series at the beginning is really something!

  2. thanks roxana!
    Yes some of the pictures here will be shown with other photos taken in Toronto.

    Yes, i like the red series too.. the background colore of red were from the yellow-red light of pedestrian crossing trafic light in the most heavy snow storm night last year. The night was really different.. first blizzard (artic snow storm) I had in Canada, actually in my life time. It was really beautiful as well. Wind blew from everywhere making snow flakes dance in every direction .. :-)

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