Thursday, June 11, 2009

Early Morning in the Fairway.., Flemingdon Glof Club Don Mills Toronto 7:15am Jun 11 2009


  1. thanks for the detailed golf explanation, Peter :-)

    i forget to say that i really love these first 3 pics here!

  2. you're always welcome.. roxana. :-)

    yes, i thought you like them. I am just taking photos while you create your own way of art through photography. What a big Difference... :-(

  3. hey, why that upset smiley? :-)
    having fun when taking photos is also important - especially if it is done with such dedication as yours, to put one's life together in this kind of picture-diaries...

  4. :-) :-) :-)

    But the good thing is my kids are both good at playing classics with piano and flute and good at drawings.. good for them. :-)

    yes, for me, photography is just my private documentary..