Friday, June 5, 2009

Now Banner is ON !! : Wolfrey Party, Wolfrey Avenue Broadbiew Toronto Jun 7 2009

Under the banner people will gather tomorrow to have lots of fun and share their beautiful memories around the avenue. I'm just putting couple of frames on the wall for proof of concept for my small exhibition for tomorrow.


  1. i'm very excited for you, Peter! it will be a success, you will see :-)

    is it tomorrow? what time?

  2. thanks r!!
    Good thing is we'll have beautiful sun-shine warm weather tomorrow around +22 degree. The party starts at 11:00am till 7:45 pm tomorrow.

    i'll share the things on my blog.

    chao mr~~ :-)

  3. omg and omr!! i already created another blog dedicated for the party and now photos are being uploaded. oh, poor roxana.. :p