Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yes, I Love Toronto! , Way back to Town from the Island Jun 21 2009

If you do care about almost 6 months long winter with white snow, Toronto might not be the best city in the world to live. If you are not diligent enough to try to taste all the concerts, exhibitions, parades and festivals which have been being held somewhere in the city throughout the whole year, Toronto might not be the best city in the world for fun. If you do not really appreciate the multi-cultural diversity which spreads across the Greater Toronto Area, the city might not be the best place to have your whole family members of next generation for more chance of getting along with the people with different look , accent and culture. ...

Actually what I've been fascinated most by this city of my new hometown is the sweet & fresh smell of air I can breathe deep every in the morning when I leave home for work.


  1. ah Peter, i have told you before: i am so glad to be able to know Toronto through your diary - especially that rich multicultural life... but i must confess i am a little scared by that long winter, i don't know if i could live there - i need the sun, i am from the South :-)

  2. Red-Sun-and-Blue-Sky in Toronto is one of the best in the world. And we have lots of sunny days in winter time and it gives a good room to even enjoy the chilly long winter. Wearing sun glasses is not an option here. Other than here, I had experienced that quality sun only in Denver, Colorado. It might not better than the one in Mediterranean countries or the one in your homeland, but it is still really nice, fresh and clean in winter time.

    Never give up the city of Toronto, my mystery lady, please.. :p

  3. our winters are also very cold, you know? and summers extremely hot, the difference is extreme.
    of course i don't :-) and with such a good lobby, who knows? :-)