Thursday, December 31, 2009

wrapping up the year with the fresh oysters.., 'Auld Spot' Danforth Street Toronto Dec 30 2009

not a bad combination of side dishes..
very fresh oysters with a big stack of french fries..

i am getting more & more addicted to
these tiny little shells of oyster..
really really yummy..
with lemon drops, horse radish and Tabasco sauce.


  1. aaaaaa

    now this is something!!! it reminds me of Japan :-(

    hi, Peter, in the New Year!!! :-)

    waving at you, i imagine you must be buried under snow until now...

    i have been rather quiet on the net, with family and many friends coming back to town, visiting - no time to see everyone, but how can one say "no"? so i've had no peaceful days, too much for me, actually :-)

  2. Hi Charm!
    Happy and Healthy New Year to You~

    How did you know I've been almost buried! Now it's really freezing.. wind chill -27C couple of days ago. All dat snow yesterday, yahoo~!

    It's good to hear that you've been busy for human networking
    not on the net nor with the digitals. :p

    Greeting as many as family members, relatives and friends is absolutely a good thing to do at the year end or start
    though it's too much for you..
    though i'm not good at it AT ALL.. :-)

    i'm just trying to have
    your face full of smile
    and voice of excitement..

    Roxana, please stay heathy this year.. got it?

  3. yes, Peter, i got it! :-)

    you are sweet caring about me in this way, thank you!