Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So Cooool... Product Dynamics in the traditional market, Chungbu Market Seoul Korea Jul 17 2009

i felt like i was standing in the middle of museum
of dried sea food.. :p

you know what..
i could touch them, smell them..
even taste them!!
how dare can you try to do that in the museum! :ppp

what i did first as i arrived my hometown Seoul
was just visiting the traditional market in downtown
very early in the morning.. 5:30! :-)

market is one of those places
i could feel the true scent of lively living.

very diligent, hard working, and equipped with humor,..
they are always ready to have some sort of short conversation
with you on life over the plastic bag with dried food..


  1. it makes me nostalgic, i remember the famous fish market in Tokyo... i understand why you miss it so much.

  2. yes, roxana.

    it's amazing to see that
    we share lots of thing in common!!