Friday, December 11, 2009

Manhood.. , M48A5K Somewhere in the training field in Korea

ridiculous enough..
i feel sort of a nostalgia or pathos
with this kind of scene..

certainly because i do not have any experience on real war
where i could be dead so easily in a misery..
where i could be terrified under the extreme brutality..

but also because i just like to appreciate
the symbolic representation of the war machine
as a man's blind pursuit of a powerfulness.

i like to be with them.. among the soldiers..
riding on top of the machine.. like the one on horseback..
in the midst of the morning fog..
in the middle of thundering sounds
of the engine of the machines..
with the colleagues sharing all those hardships..

definitely now you see my insanity..
sorry.. :p

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  1. pffft - yes, i see your insanity, incredible! after seeing what wars have done to this earth - and still singing their praise, what sane person would do that?!!!


  2. i know roxana..

    as a man
    who has a responsibility
    to protect their territoy,
    it's a kind of fantasy or instinct
    for more powerful tools
    for defense..

    Good excuse, uh?

    i love your comment though.
    thanks peacekeeper,
    i respect you roxana.. :-)