Saturday, December 5, 2009

tell me what would you like to do on the bench? :-) , 쌈지건물 인사동 Insadong Jongro Seoul Korea Jul 18 2009

you might say..
.. sitting with no agitation for meditation..
or.. just having a cup of hot tea of rosemary..
with both hands grabbing the cup & smiling faintly..
reflecting something gone..

.. me.. ?
.. dazzlingly deeeeeep kiss.. of course..
.. whether the passers-by surprise or not.. :ppp

The Ballad for John and Yoko


  1. how did you guess? :-P

    i love the red one better :-)

  2. cause you are so naked
    in front of me.. :p

    i know my floating burgundy.. :-)