Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy People at the Concert, Riverdale Share Concert St. Barnabas Church Danforth Toronto Dec 12 2009

Being asked to be a voluntary photographer
for their annual event of charity concert
i was there in the beautiful old church
full of people with their family members
from the extended community of Riverdale.

I love to be in this kind of community event
planned and run by all those voluntary people
with good & lively spirit.

The event was bigger than I initially thought
and there were many good musicians participating..

Hopefully there were lots of money
donated for the people in need..

for more photos..


  1. so are you actually quite famous as a photographer, Peter ? :-)

    and the snow? not yet there?

  2. not at all, roxana..

    it's just a small return
    for the community. :-)

    only flurry of snow..
    but it's getting cold anyway. :-)