Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday Night Jazz Trio, Irish Pub 'Dorah Keogh' Danforth Toronto Dec 12 2009

It was a casual concert for the Cubano Jazz Trio
in which i never expected
before I opened the door to the Irish Pub.

It's really amazing to have the quailty concert
just by chance.

Viva Dorah Keogh!


  1. wow, you DO have fun, Peter :-)

    i would have liked to attend myself...

    hi, there, melancholic guy!

  2. i would be sitting somewhere
    in your back table,
    or front or side stool.

    i was just lucky
    cause i didn't expect any
    other than drinking
    couple of fresh beers.

    the Cubano musicians were more than excellent..

    hi sweetie..