Monday, January 4, 2010

Last Streetcar to Hogwart in 2009, Broadview and Wolfrey Street Toronto Dec 28 2009

as it came to a night,
the snowstorm from the North Pole
started to blow everything away..

Just in the midst of the white turmoil
the red engine slid swiftly down to Hogwart..
having only a couple of future wizards on board.. :p

Moonsae Lee: Poem for the Poems

이문세: 詩를 위한 詩


  1. they are wonderful!!! so you've got snowstorm in your veins as well, not only me :-P

    but how romantic it would have been, if you were actually on that last streetcar, and not your car taking pictures :-) though i couldn't have seen any of this then...

  2. :-)

    then I would come back as a real wizard and fabricate whatever the image i like. :p

    Hogwart is a school for wizard like Harry Potter fyi. :-)