Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Active geological grandiose, Volcano Masaya Nicaragua Nov 29 2005


  1. these are wonderful landscapes, Peter - i envy you, all the places you have been and seen wow :-)

    how are you? besides training to become a Caribbean pirate? :-P

  2. roxana..
    no excitement this winter
    at least so far..

    not much snow, not too cold, NO GOLF.. NO Golf.. no golf..

    I tried to see Avatar but failed couple of times.. no featuring in my favorite theater, confused street name for 3D IMAX cinema..etc.

    isn't it cute? the Caribbean font!

    roxana roxana, how is doing? still lot of snow and cold?

  3. yes, the snow came back today, as a matter of fact it is still snowing - why this long pause? are you travelling?

    hi, peter :-)

  4. Hi Roixana!

    actually i am newly building my Korean blog in Korean media site
    so i've been quite negligent on the update in here..

    and after i bought a new Canon i take less photos.. and i am thinking to go back to my old one.. Olympus.. which has much better colormap to my taste.