Saturday, October 3, 2009

歸天孤辭 Restoration.., Univesity Ave Toronto Dec 2 2009

Yes, my Lord
I do know that we all pass away..
except You.

but not too soon..
but not too late..

oh, my Lord..
please allow us to span our own
at least..

and I realized again, my Lord..
that the energy of sustaining myself as just myself
is mostly from being alone..
not to be shaken by anything or anybody
listening to my own voice conveying your messages..
and mostly listening to such colorful voices of mother nature..
.. a maternal incarnation of Yourself..

I'm getting restored.. now..
getting back to the holy loneliness..
though.. I hate the darkness..
.. shoot..

yes, my clock has just stopped..
what about yours..?


  1. you have become more philosphical than ever, what's got into you, Peter? :-0

    lovely lovely.

  2. Hey roxana,
    I've been pretty much philosophical for last 400 years before I've got a recent intermission for two years.

    Now break is over..


  3. haha

    my bad luck, to have met you in your intermission phase - but i see you are recuperating rapidly :-P

  4. thanks mr, that's only because you recognize me.. :-)