Friday, October 2, 2009

追憶 the Way we were.., Cloudy Cloudy Lake Ontario & Downtown Toronto Oct 1 2009

I liked to be in the Distillery District for the galleries
sipping lovely espresso from the very old cafe..
I liked to wander around the old market of Kensington
for the oldest but best shops trying vintage cloths,
top quality cheese, fresh bread, and even live concert..
I liked to walk around the beautiful campus of
UT looking at the Victoria style buildings
fully covered by colorful leaves of ivy..
I liked to drink at the patio in the middle of Yorkville
smelling the sweet mood of refraining luxury in town..
But what I did was just watching the cloud..
the thick & closely layered clouds and clouds in the sky
carpeted far beyond the horizon..
while drinking glasses of beer.. only..

Bye now..
Bye today..

Barbra Streisand: The Way We Were
이문세: 광화문 연가


  1. but the clouds are so beautiful!

    and i bet that beer was good too? :-)

  2. You always share the very truth only, roxana!!

    Beer was good, even sweet.. :p