Wednesday, October 7, 2009

鮮情 Run Ferrari Run.., Rainy DVP North Toronto Oct 6 2009

Vanessa Mae: Contradanza


  1. these are really beautiful, Peter, so melancholic and yet full of tension...

    so, where were you heading to? or just following the girl in the Ferrari? :-P

  2. oh, roxana..
    how can I hide from you..

    it seems like that you enjoy your new digital toy a lot, don't you?

  3. yeeees :-)
    (but the last tulip pictures are older ones, shot on film)

    soon i will post a video :-)

  4. So you just jumped into the world of motion picture, Great!!

    But don't forget to eat well, sleep well, and try to make yourself happy as much as possible! :p