Tuesday, November 3, 2009

榮楗 영건 Sound Body, Sound Mind and Sound Soul.., Westview Golf Club Aurora Ontario Oct 10 2009

what other things i could compare to
the feeling of walking down to the wide-open fairway
especially when i could be barefooted
with almost 300 yards of driver distance
so I could walk down & wait relaxed
till the other guys come up to me with their second shots. ^,~

확트인 롱홀 페어웨이를 걸어내려가는 기분을 어디에 비할까..

특히 제대로 맞아 거의 300야드 까지 날려 보냈을때
골프슈즈를 벗어들고 맨발로 걸어내려가
친구들이 세컨드 샷을 치며 올라올때가지
느긋하게 기다리는 맛이란.. ^,~

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