Thursday, November 5, 2009

色 et 香 eau de vie pour moi.., '3 Brewers' 275 Yonge Street DowntownToronto Nov 4 2009

though i never enjoy ale as much as larger
they don't have any larger brewed in here.. no option..
so i just tried the taste the colors.. which was lovely..

not busy at all in the early afternoon on Wednesday..
there were only a lousy couple sitting at the bar
speaking in Frech which was really annoying to my solitude.. :p

i was just waiting half an hour in here
before cinema presentation at nearby theater
literally sipping the four small glasses of sampler Ale..

Antonio Carlos Jobim: Chega de Saudade


  1. mmm

    what nice atmosphere :-)

    Peter, you still haven't finished that book, or are you using it just as decor, because you know i like it? ;-P

  2. you always read my mind...
    what i can do.. ahhhhhhhh~~~!!!

    of course, cause you like it.. !


    Good night, roxie!