Sunday, November 15, 2009

힘좋음 에 대한 환상 pondering on 'bigger and mor powerful..', HW DVP North and HW 401 West Toronto Nov 13 2009

i had been too much obsessed by the slogan type of idea that
.. the bigger, the more powerful, and the faster... the better..
for a long time in my life..

certainly driven instinctively by my masculine desire
as well as brain-washed by sociopolitical need
for high-performer driven society.

so i have a kind of fantasy
toward the bigger and powerful thing..
like 18-wheel truck, armored vehicles, or trains.. etc..

.. though now i know how childish & risky thinking it had been..

Canon for Ultimate Rock


  1. well, as long as you admit that, there is perhaps still hope for you :-P

    good night, Peter!

  2. more or less forced admittance
    due to getting old..
    somehow trying to seek
    the substitute.. :p

    good night, sweetie..