Friday, November 20, 2009

삶 blown away like dust.., Wolfrey and Broadview Toronto Nov 19 2009

still managed to be part of the mother tree
the leaves had been hardly shattered by the stormy wind
during the whole night..

all of a sudden , one leave was blown away into the darkness
then, two, three... countless..
leaves were being scattered away in every other directions..
getting back to where they'd come from..
like dust in the wind..

so do i will.. sooner or later..
.. under the sheath of time..

제 어미 나무에 겨우 겨우 붙어있었던 나뭇닢들이
늦은 밤 내내 태풍같은 바람에 세차게 흔들리고 있었다.

그러다 한닢이 바람에 날려 어두움 속으로 살아지고..
그리곤, 다음 잎, 다음 잎..
셀 수 없는 잎들이 사방으로 흩어져
그들이 왔던 곳으로 돌아갔다..
마치 먼지처럼..

조만간 나 역시 세월에 칼날 앞에..
그렇게 먼지처럼 스러져 갈것을..


  1. it's a very very lovely picture, Peter! (but i bet you knew i would like it :-)

    but again such somber musings, soon i will start to worry! the bridge is supposed to be dark, but not Peter's Odyssey?!


  2. yes, lovely lovely bridge style..
    of course i knew the easy fact,
    my lady... :p

    you know where i stand..
    seemingly everywhere,
    actually nowhere..

    unforeseeable peter..