Tuesday, August 3, 2010

walking all the way down to18th hole with carry-on-bag.. with John, Annandale Golf Ajax Ontario Aug 2 2010

it took 5 and half hours to finish up the 18 holes since there were too many people waiting back to back in some holes. actually it was the last day of the long weekend with Civic Holiday..

walking was always good.. though it was really sticky and hot still. i might rather enjoy walking with buddies on the fairway than hitting the ball itself..

Drake.. Unforgettable

John is my gateway to the world of best hip hop music.
One of his friends Drake had a fabulous concert in Toronto where John was invited..

I didn't know that Drake is such a superstar singer, producer and an actor even.. born in Toronto.
I liked his songs more and more as I got into know his bit as John kept playing the music on his car audio with almost maximum volume while he was driving up to the country club.

music is absolutely a good means of triggering nice & pleasant communication to start with beyond age, nationality, race and even the most stubborn religion... :-)

the layout of the course was quite busy.. hilly up and down with creek rounding around and VIA trains and CN freighters passing by almost every quarter..

it was funny to have some teeing grounds being shared by different groups at the same time, i.e., one side for the people for 1st half and the other side for the ones for 2nd half.
The course was not challenging at all but psychologically multi-dimensional in which i like usually.. :p

it is always lovely to see the lofty old pine tree..

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