Friday, August 6, 2010

a small tower on the gate.., Old Quebec Apr 23,24 2010

twilight was shedding its silky oblique lights over the brassy roof of green with such a nice breeze in the late evening..
i have no idea.. what others could be milder and warmer than this.. ?

how blue..incredibly blue..!
such a cool, transparent, moisturized, and lovely blue..

as night went deeper and deeper..
all the busy sounds and noise were drifting away
leaving the lovely old city in silence and in peace..

only the stars were vigilant.. all along the night..
diligent in chatting among themselves..


now.. there we go with every kind of light reaching everywhere..
white.. the most rich but simple & insipid color in the universe..
however most diligent.. the white wakes up everything to resume its role on earth.. whatever it is..

in the morning..
the tower was still there.. calmly.. proudly..
under the full fresh shower of sunlight
as it had been for last couple of hundreds years..

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