Saturday, August 7, 2010

magic touches.. , Old Quebec City Apr 24 2010

it touches and cares everything..
even a single pre-matured petal hidden inside the bud
and accelerates the beautiful process of blossoming..

more than a miracle i witness every morning..

it is the light..
only light could turn everything on letting them show up the colors of their own proudly and distinctively..

whether it is microscopic.. or macroscopic
whether it is organic or non-organic
whether it is spiritual or not
whether they are believing or not..
it totally doesn't matter.. :p
in fact..
out smart & diligent scientists found a creature
living without any energy directly from the sun light
in the very deep sea with hot volcanic water pouring out
nearby.. which means that there are lots of crucial minerals & other rich chemicals existing to make the creature sustain its life only with pure chemical synthesis..

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