Wednesday, July 8, 2009

兄弟 With my only Brother YoungJun from Vancouver, Maples of Ballentrae Golfclub Stoufville Ontario Jul 7 2009

He is my brother. Only brother. 2 years younger than me. Sometimes, actually many times, he is my teacher in life, in religion and playing golf. I owe him too much in every aspects. I really love him and his family.

He travelled east coast of US and Canada and just dropped by Toronto for me on his way back to home in Vancouver. It's absolutely a blessing to have such big & nice guy even with humor as a brother.

We played at Blue tee with John. YoungJun got 84 with my club, John got 88 and I got 92.

We played golf together in Korea, in really hot hot Hochimin City in Vietnam and last time in Phuket in Tahiland. And this is first time in Canada!! I woke up at 4 in the morning for picking him up at the hotel in downtown and brought to the golf club for 7.28 am for tee-up. I barely slept because of joy of playing with him in my place. We will get together to play again in Vancouver in couple of months.

I love you brother, let's live long in peace and happiness together..

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