Wednesday, July 29, 2009

巨人高斌 My good friend Gowind 고빈 and his casual but gorgeous Photo Show, Salon de Factory Hongik Univ Ave Seoul Korea Jul 29 2009

He was hitchhiking at the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan for his journey to the land of war-torn country of Afghanistan when I was struggling in despair to escape from the deadly reality.

He was on his horseback running fast in the midst of Tayga(Тайга 타이가) forest in the frigid part of Northern Mongolia when I was being suffocated almost to death with the ridiculous relationships among the business people at stake.

He was watching the stars.. tremendous number of stars in the night at the high mountain range of more than 5,000 meters high in the land of Tibet. He might be crying of joy fascinated by the glory of the heavenly cosmos when I was seeking a place to hide away from my people of any relationship...

I met him again here in my hometown. I met this giant man with a serene smile in here my place of mixed memories of bitter and joy. This generous great man shared me with the set of stories of his adventures episode by episode and I, recovered from my fatal inner trap, felt more relieved.. actually I felt like walking with him somewhere in the unknown world of heavenly beauties.. also with his good family of animals of donkies, turtles, dogs and cats... and goats and monkeys as well.. elephants too..

For his beautiful photos it's more than worthy to try .

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