Sunday, July 19, 2009

都心之休 Resting over icy cup of fruit tea in the middle of downtown, 곽유식의 鶴 at 서호갤러리, 경인갤러리 Kyungin Gallery Insadong Seoul Korea Jul 18 2009

Thousands and thousands of cranes of white wings and orange beaks were flying.. flying slowly over the black forest under volcanic clouds of the heavenly sky..


  1. what a beautiful post, Peter! thank you...
    the cranes are breathtaking, i can't stop looking at the paintings. but did you really see some flying?
    and what are you drinking and eating?
    am i invited? :-)

  2. beautiful, arn't they!! His approach is quite a fresh new one of zen & fantasy.

    many many more postings for drinking & eating with my friends will be comming. You are all the time invited, of course, roxana. :-)