Tuesday, September 7, 2010

좋은 골프 친구들, Rollings Hills Stouffville Ontario Sep 6 2010

Magnificent Five! Wow-wee~~ :-)
This is absolutely a kind of certification shot before rounding . : p

Mission Impossible Theme.. :p

6.5 feet putting wasn't successful for Bummy..

NSYNC.. the lion sleeps tonight

2 feet one is not always that easy either .. but he made it.

It was fully cloudy & windy with last two holes of some rain which wasn't bad at all.

It was quite unusual to see all the trees with still green leaves in September in Ontario..
Global warming goes too much..

Beer rarely works favorably for golf but still sometimes.
That's what I like to BELIEVE every time I try couple of cans on rounding..

Dongsung who is my ex-HP colleague and just immigrated to Canada 10 months ago was excellent & superb today..
good swing, fair distance, and accuracy as well.
He was almost a single digit player!

Driver, wood, long & short irons, and even putter..
every single club worked perfectly for him!

While Bummy & I drove up to the country club
we talked about the speed & tempo of our swing for the driver
and both of us decided to try swing as slow as possible.

But it turned out to be a total disaster on the real teeing ground..
I never made my driver work for the whole rounding..

The seemingly right mental work disturbed every incremental motions of my swing and made the ball flying too far left or far right, sliced or faded.. never ever to the straight line to the fairway.. alas.. I could even saw a spark on the club face of my driver caused by hitting the ball on the wrong spot and touching the ground..
And the other factor of poor performance was Dongsung's brilliant play.. of course..
And there were about couple of hundreds more excuses for the bad swing.. :p

Peter's facial mode of today..
To his disappointement..
To his resentment...
no fun! no fun..!
.. shoot..! :p

Ladysmith Black M & The Mint Juleps.. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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