Tuesday, September 14, 2010

aesthetics over Swing Tower dynamics :p , CNE (The Exhibition) Toronto Sep 1 2010

There was spin instrinsically
and then there was light.. :p

Action of self-rotation is very much basic for every elementary particle which collectively constitutes our flesh & mind so we might be such delighted with the rides of spining.. :-)

Do you have a good spin today? :p

Elementary particles are particles for which there is no known way of dividing them into smaller units. Theoretical and experimental studies have shown that the spin possessed by such particles cannot be explained by postulating that they are made up of even smaller particles rotating about a common center of mass (see classical electron radius); as far as can be determined, these elementary particles are true point particles. The spin of an elementary particle is a truly intrinsic physical property, akin to the particle's electric charge and rest mass.

..particles rotate, earth rotates, and even galaxy rotates..
everything rotates just to sustain their forms of life...

so does us tonight in here.. :-)

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