Wednesday, July 7, 2010

feels-like-temp of 45 C just after highnoon.. , 'Rollig Hills Golf' Stouffville Ontario Jul 6 2010

Dreams.. Yiruma

a chair for me was just a simple metaphor for a positional power for a long time when i was a part of the huge organization.. though now.. i perceive it just as it has to be used as a place for good resting & meditation.. in which it's good for me.. since it reflects the fact that i admit that my life is not quite too bad now..


we holed out with 88, 98, 101 & 104.. respectively
under the Extreme Heat Alert activated across all GTA and more,
it was really hot hot.. and damn hot..

Rolling Hills Golf club was new to me and i just joined the sort of alumni gathering of elementary school though i'm not part of the them. :-)

what a nice & cute pose facing the camera.. :p

i enjoyed much of their not obnoxious humors shared all the way down while we were playing. in most cases the witty humors were followed by series of big laughter.. quite naturally.. :p

Rolf Harris & Beatles.. Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport

in Hochimin city in Vietnam,
it was more than 50 degree of Celsius
of feels-like temperature..

in Managua, a capital city of Nicaragua,
there were lots of condors hovering on top of our heads waiting for us to fall down to the field through out all the 36 holes right in the middle of sizzling hot in the tropical country.

in San Pedro Sula, a biggest city of Honduras,
it hurt like being focused with optical magnifiers with sun light..

actually the heat of today for rounding was almost nothing compared to all those extra-ordinarily hot heat waves in the tropical countries.. :p

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