Friday, July 9, 2010

cooling off a bit after 9 holes.., 'Dora Keogh' Danforth Toronto Jul 8 2010

Havana Dreams.. Silvio Rodriguez

after finishing my another sizzling rounding of 9 holes in the afternoon in Flemingdon Golf, i had no choice but to come over here, my favorite Dora Keogh, for cool down.

reading Coelho's noble while drinking made my much solar-energized body down to normal quite quickly.

German larger Grolsch was my first glass and two more glasses of Guinness were followed..

shrimp salad was an excellent choice for another way of cooling off the heat from my body.

Silvio Rodriguez.. Unicornio

.. i was beginning to enjoy the sun again, the mountains, even life's problems, i was beginning to accept that the meaning of life was no one's fault but mine. i wanted to see the main square in Ljubljana again, to feel hatred and love, despair and tedium.. all those simple, foolish things that make up everyday life, but that give pleasure to your existence. ..

'Veronika decides to die' .. Paulo Coelho

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