Sunday, March 7, 2010

tous les jours.. comme au premier jour.., 덕수궁 Duksoogoong Palace Seoul Korea Jun 9 2006

comme au premier jour.. Andre Gagnon

don't know why..
the pieces of sound & melody of Andre Gagnon
keep reminding me of the place of the palace..
where I have been visiting for a long period of time
from my infant age till recently couple of years ago..

my mom who passed away long time ago
used to bring me & my brother hand in hand in here
to take just a walk..

comme au premier jour.. Andre Gagnon


  1. Peter!!!

    i was just thinking about you, it's been quite long - too long!


    hi :-)

  2. hi roxy~~
    good to hear from you. :-))

    you've been definitely
    expanding your artistic horizon
    with the new toy..

    .. actually not a toy for you..
    while it does for others like me. :-)

  3. nono, you are right, it's a toy :-))

    hi there - still snowing here, unbelievable

    did i mention that i love this post? :-) how is your corean blog going?

  4. though your spirit far exceed
    the techical capability of the toy,
    you've been so good at handling it.

    thanks roxana..
    the place has one of good memories
    with my mom.. long time ago..

    here is Toronto,
    it's amost early summer.. :p

    it seems like people in corea
    like what i've been posting
    in corean.. :-)