Friday, March 19, 2010

It's a Big Deal.. was it? :-) , Exhibition at Harbourfront Center Toronto Mar 17 2010

it's always good & refreshing to have an artistic stop
for a couple of exhibitions in Harbourfront Center..

out of full symmetry
the artist put a yellow asymmetry of ladybug..

i liked the title.. saying..
.. white snowflakes and black clouds..

these are some compensation of this winter
of almost no snow & no black clouds.. in Toronto..
no complaints though. :p

this really put me into a rabbit hole to a fantasy
just like Alice in wonderland..

the coarsely fabricated pieces of drapery
give fantastic three-dimensional look & feeling
from any direction of view.. lovely..

yes.. it was a big deal..! :-)

Stand-in Home..

Contemporary Craft Studio..

Community Centered..

walking aroud the area of Harbor Front..

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