Thursday, February 11, 2010

Night walk after Avatar.., John-Queen St. Toronto Feb10 2010

the introduction of the concept of synapse was
what i liked most out of the great man's feature..

the warm hearted, extremely intellectual and
unearthly creative mindset of Cameron
did create such a beautiful fantasy..
advocating the value of mutual communication
among the creatures through synaptic inter-connections.


  1. dracula hahaha :-)

    Peter, i am so sorry but today when i finally got internet and posted the comments something happened and yours got lost, i couldn't find any way to post it - but i read it and thank you so much for thinking about me and my mysterious trips :-P

    how are you? :-)

  2. DRACULA!!!
    i thought you like it. :p
    it was the title of musical in here.

    you duplicated my message in perfection! it couldn't be more authentic.. :p

    i'm ok.. bit boring though..

    have a pleasant & safe trip!