Thursday, February 4, 2010

Newsletter for Peter's Photography.. :p , The Coldwater Times Jan 30 2010

It was my luck to taste a beautiful county of Coldwater
when I tried to u-turn to come back home
after maple tree drive..

I found an update on the local news letter,
The Coldwater Times,on my photos taken in 2008.. :-)

I really like the place to visit again
anytime in winter with lots of snow..

Postings on my google blogs..

Windows are the soul of a house..
a title of the posting on Peter's Korean Blog


  1. famous Peter :-P

    i thought you forgot your old friends after you moved to the corean blog :-(

  2. oh, i am really sorry to hear that.. how could i..

    actually it gives me lots of fun to have the postings on the new korean blog with my old postings in here.

    ok, now i am just flying over to you~~ just stay there! :-)