Monday, February 2, 2009

腦 what a dimensioal life style, Grande Mall Yonge Toronto Jan 3 2009

As far as spatial dimension is concerned we care only three dimensional aspect at most though more mathematical abstract spaces could be introduced to those people in science.
However if we start adding more critical features like multi-source lights, sounds, colors, scents etc into the dimensional space, the complexity would get easily out of control.. On top of that, make it matters worse, when we dare to challenge people dynamics over these abstract spaces, even supercomputer might sweat for a while.. though modelling itself might not be feasible..
However we, as human being possessing huge set of of neurons connected together and communicating massively at the same time, can process & resolve these heterogeneously complex dimensional problem without any headache as far as we are accustomed to the environment a bit. Neglecting or avoiding and focusing only on informations of interest sort of divide-and-conquer strategy is always working to handle the huge amount of external information pouring into the all kind of sensory organs..


  1. yes color is one of the most important attributes for people to pay attention. :)

  2. I want this kind supermarket! It's fun to see them, and it's good for ecology. In Japan, stuffs are in plastic bag, plastic wrap, and so on. I don't like this style... There are many rubbish.

  3. Yes we have been consuming too much plastics which really hurt our ecology.. I think people in Germany is the most keen in environmeantal preservation. Ordiary citizen have high level of awareness and they actually execute what they know.. less plastic, recycling of rain from roof, fewer times of laundary or taking shower for less usage of soap or sampoo.. etc. Appreciate your comment Parisa~