Thursday, January 29, 2009

淸天 Breathig a Blue Sky.., Westview Golfclub Aurora Ontario Oct 12 2008

All of a sudden,
I just like to breathe the blue high sky..

One time, it was just enough
to look at the clouds crossing the blue sky..
It was more than enough to smell the scent of the grasses
where I laid down..
One time, talking & laughing with friends over beers
was kind of ecstasy in my life..
Climbing up to the mountain only listening to the sound of
rough beats of my heart was one-time my utmost happiness..
Couple of equations in quantum physics were glittering like diamond
which made myself believe that I was approaching closer and closer
to the core of the yet veiled secret of the universe..

Freezing outside with sudden blizzard makes me bit melancholic..