Friday, January 7, 2011

a gallery at the gallery.. , 갤러리 상 Insadong Seoul Korea 2006

Franz Schubert..Die Forelle: Karita Mattila

Winterreise : 5. Der Lindenbaum

He comes to the linden tree, with its pale flowers and heart-shaped leaves. that stands at the gate; in the shade of this tree he has dreamt many beautiful dreams, and in the bark he has carved words of love. It was his favourite place. Now he passes it with his eyes shut, even though it is deepest night, but the branches rustle to him, 'Come here old comrade, find your rest here'. A gust of wind blows his hat off, and many hours afterwards he remembers the tree, and it seems to say 'You should have found your rest here.' It is a tacit invitation to suicide.

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